Valentine’s Day 2014 offer in Rome: your romantic getaway for just 1 euro!

A Valentine’s Day in Rome lasting a whole weekend

Rome, the eternal city, just as eternal is the love story set there... and in any case, on St. Valentine’s Day, time slows down, doubles and sometimes stops. Giving your partner a stay in Rome on such a romantic occasion means kidnapping his/her heart forever.

During the day, the romantic corners and inspirations offered by this city are truly unique:

  • Villa Doria Pamphilj is one of Rome’s largest parks, on top of the Janiculum Hill. Once the home of the noble Pamphilj family, today it appears as a green haven in which to stroll amid avenues, fountains and the secret gardens of the villa, one of the best preserved in the city. To reach Villa Pamphilj: go to the MARCONI/GIBILMANNA bus stop and take the number 791(C.NE CORNELIA) for 10 stops and get off at the BEL RESPIRO stop. The villa is only a 250 metre walk from here.
  • The famous Belvedere dello Zodiaco offers one of the most exciting views of the whole city of Rome, stretching as far as the Castelli Romani and the Apennine mountains. It is also famous for its lovers’ path and the Lo Zodiaco restaurant, where you can dine on the scenic terraces above the city. To reach the Zodiaco: go to the MARCONI stop of the underground Line B (in the direction of REBIBBIA) for 7 stops and, at the TERMINI stop switch to line A (in the direction of BATTISTINI); after 5 stops, get off at LEPANTO station. Now go to the LEPANTO (MA) bus stop and take the number 913 (STAZIONE M.TE MARIO (FS-FR3)) for 12 stops. Get off at the PRISCIANO-MEDAGLIE D’ORO stop and continue on foot for 550 metres.
  • From the keyhole in Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta not everyone knows that you can enjoy a secret view of the Basilica of St. Peter’s. An original way of seeing this wonderful and romantic city from another angle. To reach Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta: go to the MARCONI station of the underground line B (in the direction of REBIBBIA) for 7 stops and get off at the CIRCO MASSIMO stop; continue on foot for 950 metres.

In the evening, to welcome our tired but still passionate hearts is all the elegance and comfort of the Hotel Pulitzer, a design hotel in Rome located in the Eur district.

Take a seat in the Paparazzi Restaurant, enjoy the delicious food and wines... and make the most of every moment of your romantic getaway!

Now you can enjoy your romantic getaway at the price of just 1 euro!

The special Valentine’s Day 2014 package will enable you to experience a truly wonderful weekend and includes:

  • Accommodation + dinner at the Paparazzi Restaurant for 2 people on the night of 14th February
  • Accommodation for just 1 euro on the night of 15th February
  • Free Wi-fi connection
  • Mediaset Premium TV channels with free sports programs and films

Offer conditions:

  • Minimum stay 2 nights
  • Tourist tax not included
  • Breakfast not included

Book your Valentine’s Day 2014 offer in Rome, your romantic getaway for just 1 euro!